• Elizabeth Kramer

Teens: Add your voices, perspectives to this adventure with Speed Art Museum

In October and November, Arts Angle Vantage focuses on visual art by taking teens on a free adventure exploring the creativity of Helen LaFrance and Sam Gilliam on exhibit at the Speed Art Museum and discussing their work and their histories, which includes the history of Louisville’s visual art scene.

Far right: Helen_LaFrance, Photo courtesy Shelton Gallery. Paintings by LaFrance include (top) "River Baptism,"oil on canvas, loan courtesy of Bruce Shelton, Speed Art Museum, and (bottom) "Quilting," oil on canvas, Speed Art Museum.

This is a free opportunity for writers and arts enthusiasts who are high school sophomores, juniors and seniors to receive coaching from professional journalists, insights from curators and artists, and meet others who share their interests.

Application Deadline Extended: Tuesday, Oct. 11 (11 p.m.)

Far left: Sam Gilliam, Photo by Fredrik Nilsen Studio. Paintings by Sam Gilliam include (top) "Carousel Form II," 1969, acrylic on canvas, Speed Art Museum, photo by Xavier Burrell; and (bottom) "Restore," 1968, magna and acrylic on canvas with aluminum powder, Speed Art Museum.

WHEN: Oct. 17, 24, and Nov. 7, 14, 21. | Mondays, 6-8 p.m. Museum Visit: Sunday: Oct. 30.

• Only 10 spots are available.

• Applicants will be considered based on their reasons for applying and their writing skills. • Articles will appear online in a partner publication, provided participants complete requirements. • Sessions cover: — The histories of the featured artists, the Speed Art Museum

— What is visual arts journalism and how it is done — components; steps to take and issues to consider when writing about the visual arts — time to discuss visual art and your writing and viewpoints with fellow participants.

Appy now. (Limited slots.)