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Join Us to Spotlight
Youth Voices, Journalsim, the Arts

You are in the right place.

We want to hear from you.

• Do you believe in the power of youth voices, journalism and art?

• Anyone can collaborate with us to support these values — students, young artists and writers, parents, teachers and adults from different backgrounds.

• Watch for announcements of upcoming workshops.

Reach out to us about getting involved.

• Check out these specific opportunities and get in touch.

Volunteer UX/UI Developer

Collaborate with Arts Journalism Trust to lift youth voices, community arts and arts journalism throughout the Louisville regional community by assisting us. Our team seeks a technical advisor in UX/UI Developer. 


Your shared values in our mission can help guide our team in structuring a product roadmap that ensures we are delivering the information, tools and experiences that align with our audience, business, and other strategic goals. We seek to identify and develop user experiences and a design that serve our audience across products and platforms. This includes upgrading the AJT website for Arts Angle Vantage and incorporating an essential tech stack — from front-end CSS to database systems and APIs.


Since 2018, more than 30 teens have participated and written articles in our program and connected with the wider community through our digital platform and outreach. Their voices are lifted from our collaborative approach, which has led the Courier Journal, LEO Weekly, The Horizon at Indiana University Southeast and high school newspapers to publish their work.


As an advisor, you value quality news and information across platforms, youth, and art and creativity, arts education, and supporting community and nonprofit endeavors. You also relish collaborating in philanthropic initiatives. 


Challenges we seek to tackle:

• Integrating design products that make interaction with Arts Journalism Trust’s Arts Angle Vantage a frequent habit for more people during the week in the Louisville region

• Defining how to best leverage analytics and user feedback: 

to serve our audience, in alignment with editorial and business goals; 

to inform goal setting; and 

to iterate product development. 

• Delineating how to efficiently and economically maintain user data and interaction tracking data across web applications.

• Designing our products to appeal to young people, their parents, key educators and those curious about art and creativity?

• Delivering stories in digestible formats while creating opportunities for audiences to dig deeply into crucial issues?

Arts Journalism Trust | Arts Angle Vantage • Mission

Our mission is to forge an equitable and creative community by giving youth from diverse backgrounds access to the arts and empowering them to use their voices and cultivate their leadership skills to create public service journalism that delivers local news and views on arts and culture. Our collaborative work builds greater community-wide awareness, understanding, and appreciation of the local arts landscape. 

Arts Journalism Trust, an independent nonprofit, emerged to: 

• Tap into the increasing interest in arts and creativity among young people. 

• Respond to the decreased arts coverage, which has suffered as the journalism industry faced setbacks with the rise of global technology.

• Address the precipitous decline in arts education.

• Decode the lack of youth access to the arts.

• Address the continued inequities in access to the arts and media by marginalized populations.

• Strengthen participants’ writing proficiencies, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

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