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‘Beetlejuice’ proves, again, it is beloved by teens with its Louisville debut

While not always the darling of critics, the musical “Beetlejuice” has found a solid fan base among Gen Z who, as many articles have noted, have been prominent audience members since its Broadway premiere and throughout its touring performances. Many show up in costumes reflecting some of the story’s main characters à la cosplay. Some come as the teenager Lydia decked out in black frills, while others come in the black and white stripes like the main ghost of the show.

Will Burton (Adam), Megan McGinnis (Barbara), Isabella Esler (Lydia) and Justin Collette (Beetlejuice) in the touring production of “Beetlejuice” the musical. Photo by Matthew Murphy. Courtesy PNC Broadway in Louisville.


The costumes and the buzz were certainly part of the spectacle at the May 14 opening night of “Beetlejuice” with PNC Broadway in Louisville.


Teenagers seemed to turn up in droves. Among them were two from Arts Angle Vantage who were ready to watch and, with notebooks in hand, begin work on their reviews.

Arts Angle Vantage critics Amelia Dykes and Jo Lowden ready to see and review "Beetlejuice," the musical, on opening night at Kentucky Performing Arts.  

They found quite a bit of delight in examining what had been spun as a sinister story, as you can read here.

Read their articles here.

‘Beetlejuice’ Delivers a Spooky Spectacle That’s Hilarious and Heartfelt | By Amelia Dykes | Arts Angle Vantage Reporter, Our Lady of Providence High School

Hilarious, relatable, 'Beetlejuice' mines grief with sweet twist on family story | By Jo Lowden | Arts Angle Vantage Reporter, Homeschool Student


— Elizabeth Kramer, Executive Director, Arts Angle Vantage


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