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Spread the Word: Free Pop-Up Arts Journalism Workshop, Week of Feb. 21

Arts Bureau Edge invites teens to apply for a free pop-up workshop reporting on glass art and the artists in the exhibit “Crafting the Vernacular.” Much of the work reflects the lives of each artist, many of whom are people of color. Arts journalist Elizabeth Kramer will lead the workshop.

WHO CAN APPLY: High school sophomores, juniors and seniors and college freshmen and sophomores interested in journalism and art are encouraged to apply.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: 4 p.m., Monday, Feb. 21. (Find application below.)

KMAC Museum's page for its exhibit "Crafting the Vernacular." Courtesy KMAC Museum.

WHAT TO EXPECT: Participants learn and write about glass art and the artists and their work in the “Crafting the Vernacular” exhibit at KMAC Museum, 715 W. Main St. and University of Louisville Hite Institute's Cressman Center.

• They receive guidance to define the focus of your article and how to report it. After writing it, have the support of an editor to help you polish it.

• They get the opportunity to attend a glassmaking/blowing demonstration.

• They learn and write about Louisville youth learning from the artists.

• Articles will appear online in LEO Weekly (, provided participants complete requirements.

Artist Ché Rhodes working in University of Louisville Cressman Center for the Visual Arts' glass studio, which features a hotshop. Photo courtesy University of Louisville.

NOTE: Besides the events below requiring attendance, participants must dedicate time outside workshop hours to work on writing your articles and to collaborate with the editor prior to publication.

BACKGROUND: Currently, KMAC Museum is exhibiting “Crafting the Vernacular” featuring works by artists made of glass and other media. From Feb. 24 through 26, KMAC hosts several events connected to this exhibit which involve artists who have works on display. Two associated artists are from Louisville and all three are artists of color. During this time, a group of youth involved in the Smoketown youth art program Steam Exchange will meet with the artists and see a glassmaking demonstration.

Artists involved include Ché Rhodes, glass artist and University of Louisville professor who organized “Crafting the Vernacular,” Pittsburgh-based glass artist SaraBeth Post, who earned a BFA from the U of L in 2015, and Corey H. Pemberton, a Los Angeles-based multimedia artist and director of the non-profit organization Crafting the Future. KMAC Museum also is hosting an exhibit of Rhode’s glass work called “Moments of Longitude.” KMAC Curatorial Director Joey Yates will participate in the panel discussion.

Steam Exchange was co-founded in 2014 by Rachel Mauser, an artist and educator. She is leading the group of Steam Exchange youth who will be visiting KMAC Museum.


This workshop provides a rich opportunity to report on various facets of this exhibit:

• the art itself and how and why it was made;

• how this art relates to what is happening in the wider world;

• how the exhibit and these events allow art and artists to interact with people from our community and discover what meaning they find in that experience;

• and more. (You can decide.)


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