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Teens Interview Actors, Legal Experts to Report on Sorkin’s New Angle on Classic American Story

“To Kill a Mockingbird,” here with PNC Broadway in Louisville’s recent presentation of the touring production, gave our teen reporters different opportunities. One was deeply familiar with the book and movie and another who came to it anew.

Yaegel T. Welch (Tom Robinson, foreground), Richard Thomas (Atticus Finch, background) and the company of “To Kill a Mockingbird.” Photo by Julieta Cervantes. Courtesy PNC Broadway in Louisville.

Arts Angle Vantage gave them opportunities to interview legal experts who talked about the intersection of race and the law with a historical perspective and how it pertains to the Harper Lee’s story and to ask questions of the show’s current cast members and member of the original Broadway cast. That latter recently took on leadership…

Then teen reporters Sammie Haden and Adam West got to see the show on opening night, giving them further insights to write their articles.

Sammie Haden, duPont Manual High School, Class of 2025

Adam West, Atherton High School, Class of 2025

Arts Angle Vantage and the participants are grateful to Jefferson Circuit Court Judge Brian Edwards and Joanne Sweeny, University of Louisville’s Brandeis School of Law professor and the associate dean for academic affairs, actors Melanie Moore and Yaegel T Welch, and teacher and actor Shona Tucker, who just moved back to her hometown as Professor and Chair of University of Louisville Department of Theatre Arts.

As always, we appreciate LEO Weekly and Editor Erica Rucker for helping us elevate youth voices and the arts through practicing the values of collaborative journalism.

Read their articles in LEO Weekly, our media partner on this project.

Or read their articles here:

Melanie Moore (Scout Finch, right) and Richard Thomas (Atticus Finch, left) in “To Kill a Mockingbird.” Photo by Julieta Cervantes. Courtesy PNC Broadway in Louisville.



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