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Teens • Register with Our July Community Arts Reporting Program

The first year of Louisville’s HeARTs initiative has been giving people citywide access to creative endeavors through the many activities that artists have been leading.

Now, Arts Angle Vantage, with its dedication to elevating art, journalism and youth voices as part of civic participation, is part of this initiative with a FREE opportunity for young writers (high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors) to report these creative endeavors and the people who have been a part of them.


Arts Angle Vantage is collaborating with Louisville Metro Government's Parks and Recreation and Fund for the Arts to present this opportunity giving young people access to the arts and a voice in public service journalism covering arts and issues in their community.

HeARTs — launched in 2022 by the Mayor of Metro Louisville — aims to bring the healing power of the arts and incorporate local artists’ and organizations’ strengths to nurture unity in our community.

In this unprecedented series of sessions, teens get to:

  • Discover and report on artists and activities that are part of the city's HeARTs programs.

  • Receive mentorship from professional journalists, including a photographer. (Cameras will be made available.)

  • Receive a certificate and gift cards upon completion.

  • Have food provided during sessions.

  • Have final articles published in the local media.

Teens who are interested must register using the form found on this page before the deadline. Registration information is anonymous. In it, we request demographic information only for use in reporting purposes, and we will never identify participants individually.

Sessions are scheduled from 6 to 7:30 p.m. on the following dates at the Beechmont Community Center, 205 West Wellington Avenue, Louisville, KY 40214.

Thursday, July 6;

Tuesday, July 11; Wednesday, July 12; Thursday, July 13;

Tuesday, July 18; Wednesday, July 19; Thursday, July 20;

Tuesday, July 25; Wednesday, July 26; Thursday, July 27

Tuesday, Aug. 1; Wednesday, Aug. 2; Thursday, Aug. 3



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