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Teens weigh in on a new story to them: the couple behind Loving vs Virginia

There has been a glowing buzz among arts patrons who saw this season's production of the play “Loving and Loving” at Actors Theatre of Louisville.

For months, Arts Angle Vantage suspected young reporters from our program would find inspiration in this story of the couple behind the landmark United States Supreme Court decision Loving vs. Virginia.

Brayden West, Sarah West, Trinity Mahaffey and Melanie Mahaffey at a performance of “Loving and Loving” at Actors Theatre of Louisville.

So, we reached out to Trinity Mahaffey and Brayden West to come see the play and asked them to think about writing about it. Right after the curtain call, both said yes. Here is what they have to say. They came to see the production with their mothers and then wrote these articles about the production that appear on the Arts Angle Vantage website and in LEO Weekly.

Thank you to Trinity and Brayden and to Actors Theatre of Louisville for hosting us. The theater had no influence on these articles, as Arts Angle Vantage practices journalistic ethics and standards.

Read their articles in LEO Weekly, our media partner on this project.

Or read their articles here:

As always, we deeply appreciate LEO Weekly and Editor Erica Rucker for helping us elevate youth voices and the arts by practicing the values of collaborative journalism.

— Elizabeth Kramer, Executive Director, Arts Angle Vantage


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