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Citywide Opportunity for Teens: Community Arts Reporting Program


Arts Angle Vantage launched an unprecedented opportunity for teens with its Arts Angle Vantage Community Arts Reporting Program this spring.

Our local organization, dedicated to elevating art, journalism and youth voices as part of civic participation, is collaborating with Louisville Metro Government's Parks and Recreation and Fund for the Arts with an opportunity to report on creative endeavors evolving in the city’s community centers as part of the inaugural HeARTs initiative.

This program will guide two teams of youth in recognizing surprising and newsworthy stories arising in programs at participating community centers and reporting on them. April 24 is the deadline to register for the Arts Angle Vantage teams using the registration form.

Alternatively, download a printed registration form here to turn into Shawnee Community Center Supervisor Barbara Broughton before the deadline.

Each participant will attend six sessions over a six-week period and be awarded a certificate upon completion. This opportunity is open to high school sophomores, juniors and seniors.

The program will meet at the Shawnee Arts and Cultural Center, 607 South 37th St.

Time: 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

• Days/Dates:

- Thursday, April 27 - Thursday, May 4 - Thursday, May 11

- Thursday, May 18 - Thursday, May 25 - Thursday, June 1

HeARTs — launched in 2022 by the Mayor of Metro Louisville — partners with Fund for the Arts and Louisville Orchestra to offer programs throughout the community. This initiative aims to bring the healing power of the arts and incorporate local artists’ and organizations’ strengths to nurture unity in our community.

Through HeARTs, Louisville Metro Government’s Parks and Recreation and Fund for the Arts offer more than a dozen creative programs in nearly all Metro Community Centers and other neighborhood organizations throughout the city led by almost 20 teaching artists. Community centers have chosen these artists and programs, which include a range of disciplines including dance, digital arts, and theater for all ages, to serve specific needs. The program also compensates participating artists and organizations, providing them with important support.

Studies have documented art as a powerful tool to promote empathy, conflict resolution, and positive mental health. Now, the HeARTs initiative brings the healing power of the arts and incorporates local artists’ and organizations’ strengths to nurture unity in our community.



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