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Teens: Meet curators, artists; see art at Speed Art Museum. What's the angle?

What goes into a museum exhibit and how are artists considered for their work to be in the spotlight? How do museum exhibits and their collections shape artists in their communities and the public who see them? Those are just a few questions Arts Angle Vantage will explore with teens in its next workshop: What's the Angle?

Teens find answers to these questions and more and figure out their angles for writing a piece in our free January workshop. Like others, it lifts youth voices through arts journalism. Applications open for sophomores, juniors and seniors.

The workshop includes exploring the Speed Art Museum’s current exhibits of work by Helen LaFrance and Sam Gilliam. (See links below for application to learn more.)

Far left: Sam Gilliam, Photo by Fredrik Nilsen Studio. Paintings by Sam Gilliam include (top) "Carousel Form II," 1969, acrylic on canvas, Speed Art Museum, photo by Xavier Burrell; and (bottom) "Restore," 1968, magna and acrylic on canvas with aluminum powder, Speed Art Museum.

This is a free opportunity for arts enthusiasts and writers to see, think about, discuss visual art and receive coaching from professional journalists, insights from curators and artists, and meet others who share their interests. The workshop culminates with each participate writing an article that will be published.

Workshop participants will examine the work and histories of artists LaFrance and Gilliam as well as other Black artists who have shaped Louisville’s art scene. One meeting will feature a discussion with Speed Art Museum curators and artists including Ed Hamilton and William Duffy.

Application Deadline: Thursday, Jan. 17, 11 p.m.

Apply now. (Limited slots.)

Far right: Helen_LaFrance, Photo courtesy Shelton Gallery. Paintings by LaFrance include (top) "River Baptism,"oil on canvas, loan courtesy of Bruce Shelton, Speed Art Museum, and (bottom) "Quilting," oil on canvas, Speed Art Museum.


• Museum visit: Jan. 21, Saturday, 10:30 a.m.

• Sessions: Jan. 23, 30 and Feb. 6, 13. (Mondays) 6-8 p.m., University of Louisville

- This includes a Jan. 23 panel discussion with Ed Hamilton and William Duffy, led by the Speed Art Museum's fari nzinga.

• Only 10 spots are available.

• Applicants will be considered based on their reasons for applying and their writing skills. • Articles will appear online in a partner publication, provided participants complete requirements.

• Sessions cover: — The histories of the featured artists, the Speed Art Museum

— What is visual arts journalism and how it is done — Components; steps to take and issues to consider when writing about the visual arts — Time to discuss visual art and your writing and viewpoints with fellow participants.

WHERE: University of Louisville, Speed Art Museum

WHO: Arts journalists Elizabeth Kramer and Melissa Chipman lead the workshop.


• Arts Angle Vantage alumni say our workshops have given them access to the arts, improved the technical and creative elements in their writing and enabled them to add work to their portfolios. Their enthusiasm is evident when they describe how the program has taught them about themselves, resulted in friendships, and connected them to the arts and the wider community.

• Participants have included students from Atherton, duPont Manual, Fern Creek, Floyd Central, Iroquois, Male, New Albany, and Pleasure Ridge Park high schools and Louisville Collegiate School.

• Our reporters have had their work published with our local media partners, which have included Courier Journal, LEO Weekly, and collegiate and high-school newspapers.



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