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The Younger Set Weighs In on ‘Aladdin’

Lissa deGuzman (Jasmine) and Clinton Greenspan (Aladdin). Aladdin North American Tour. Photo by Deen van Meer. © Disney

The world of Disney musicals is one that allows adults and teenager a chance to revisit their childhoods. Last week, the musical “Aladdin” opened at the Kentucky Center and Arts Bureau Edge, a youth arts journalism initiative brought six young critics to the press opening with the help of PNC Broadway in Louisville.

These young journalists came from five different schools throughout the metropolitan area, including southern Indiana, and saw “Aladdin” — with its flying carpet, pyrotechnics, comedy and inspiring love story.

This effort is just one of many in Arts Bureau Edge’s mission to give young people experience in writing about the arts and give them a voice in the community.

— Elizabeth Kramer, founder, Arts Bureau Edge

“Aladdin” runs through Sunday, Oct. 21 at the Kentucky Center for the arts. Elizabeth Kramer founded Arts Bureau Edge with Frances Ward-Simmons. Special thanks to Matthew Porter at PNC Broadway in Louisville and Keith Stone of LEO.



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